FAQ Frequently asked questions

1. Can only people with or without a trade buy in an e-shop?

JUNIORPAPIER e-shop is designed for all customers, whether for businessmen or individuals.

2. I can buy products in small quantities eg. one piece at a time?

The customer can order any number of pieces, that is, one piece at a time. Packaging information is intended for retailers and wholesalers interested in purchasing whole packages.

3. I am interested in a certain color or product design, how do I order it?

If there are multiple colors or designs on the product, but all products are under one ordering code, the order code of the item and the color specification must be written in the order when ordering.

4. I am a new customer and I am interested in dealer prices, what is needed?

The basis is to register a new customer by phone or e-mail, to announce the request for the award of dealer prices. We'll give you these prizes in minutes, so your first order can be made with a significant discount.

5. I am a new customer and I am interested in an invoice payment with a certain maturity, what is needed?

In the case of a new customer, the invoice payment is not possible, the payment can be made as a backup invoice, when we send the goods or cash on delivery after payment of the given amount.

6. I am a permanent customer and I am interested in an invoice payment with a certain maturity, what is needed?

When selecting a form of payment, check "Pre-invoice payment" and indicate in the note that you wish to issue an invoice.

7. Where can I find my current value in the loyalty program?

Every customer can log in to their account by simply clicking on the "Your Points" icon in the top bar to find out how many points he has collected.

8. How can I apply points collected in a loyalty program?

If the customer decides that he or she wants a gift from our offer for the collected points, the procedure is simple. You need to write an email to info@juniorpapier.sk or by phone to +421 34 773 42 03 and report what gift you are interested in. We will deliver the gift as soon as possible, or if the type is not in stock, we will suggest you a similar replacement.

9. How do I redeem a discount coupon?

For the next order, fill in the box for the discount coupon.



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