Payment methods

You always have the choice in our e-shop, as well as the options to pay for the ordered goods:

You can pay the order directly at the time of receiving the goods in our premises, either in cash or by credit card (we accept VISA, VISA ELEKTRON, MASTERCARD). You can use it method only for personal pick up in our warehouse in Malacky, Slovakia.

Cash on delivery
The most used method of payment, you pay the goods when it is taken over by the postman or courier of the shipping company.
Payment to the courier is possible only in cash (not by credit card). Valid only for domestic (Slovak) deliveries.

Proforma Invoice

After processing the order you will be issued an advance invoice. We ask customers to wait for the payment to receive the advance payment. Once the payment is credited to our account, the goods will be shipped automatically.

If the payment is not credited to your account within 7 business days, the order will be automatically canceled.

Online payment

The easiest and fastest way to pay via the gateway. We use the GOPAY web interface , which meets all security requirements. Before paying, check the validity of the card and the possibility to pay via the internet. We ship the goods immediately.

We support these payment systems



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